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Mobile Crane Hydraulic Crane Truck crane 12 tons Rough terrain Crane

Truck crane, mobile crane, rated lifting capacity of 12000kg, six-section boom U shape, lifting height 40 meters, 3 cylinders, 2 ropes, large outrigger span, fast lifting speed, the crane feature it has small size and the transition is more convenient,


Truck crane 12T





Rough terrain crane small crane, famous hydraulic parts, XCMG, REXROTH, KATO, good mobility, six-section boom, boom length 38.6m, lifting height 41.2m, chassis an option Dongfeng, Howo, 4X4, 6X6 and customize service based on your local standard, China crane Manufacturer, focus on quality products, the national crane research and development centers. popular crane brand 

Product Description

- Full-extension boom 38m, max. lifting height of boom 41.2m.

- Innovative boom section, six-section boom, 2 cylinders and 3 ropes. The lifting performance of the middle & long boom is 30% higher.

- Double outrigger max span 6.8m, Improve operational and safety performance.

Main features of the truck crane

Telescopic boom system

- The crane boom material made of the high-strength steel plate BS700, which is lighter, stiffer. This material actively improves its function.

- Five boom section have good lifting ability which the single cylinder works and the rope stretching at the same time

Lifting mechanism

The truck crane has double winches lifting mechanism, so that the truck crane can achieve independent operation, simultaneous working and continuously variable transmission.

Equipped with anti-winding wire rope.

Hydraulic System

- The hydraulic system uses the integrated network,mature hydraulic configuration optimisation scheme, so that the total machine has completed function and superior performance.

- It also has some protective equipment, such as electronic scale, over winding protection and so on, makes the operation more stable, safe and reliable.

- Spacious operating cabin with adjustable seat, which is safe and comfortable.

The structure parts are smooth and brightness after the shot blasting processing.

-The materials are delicate after cutting the steel plate by the laser cutting machine.

- Rich configurations suit for special needs.

Lifting chart

Focus on mini and medium size truck crane, mobile crane, rough terrain crane over 20 years experience, committed to customer satisfication with product quality, effictive service, to provide lifting solutions for you crane rental business, and  customize serive for your special needs,

Welcome to leave a message for us, that we can help you better.

 Crane model  HFL120T6
Max. lifting moment [Kn.m] 300
Max. lifting capacity [kg] 12000
Max. lifting height [m] 40
Max. hydraulic outreach lifting capacity [kg] 800
Max. number of extension boom 6
Slewing angle [°] 360
Slewing speed [R/min] 0-2
Max, speed of winch single rope[M/min] 110
Outrigger span transverse [mm] 6200
Outrigger span longitudinal [mm] 5500
Wheel base [mm] 4200
crane dimension [mm] 9900*2400*3400
Total mass [kg] 18000
Tire type 1000.20
enginer power [hp] 200

Ergonomic Crane Control

- Ergonomically arranged operatinglevers for all crane functions

- Functional design for bettercomfort during crane operation    

- Straightforward service and maintenance

High Density Paint

- Top quality surface paint with corrosion protection  

- Long term UV-resistant coating    

- Aestheically pleasing and attractive colour

Load Holding Valve

- Holds the cylinder in position

- Standard fittings on all cylinder

- Strategic positioned to protect from damage

High speed extension

- Increase extension and retraction speed of the boom system

- Crane works faster with return oil utilization    

- Time saving during crane operation

Radio Remote Control

- Efficient control of the crane remotely    

- Safe crane operation outside of the danger zone    

- Easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting

Top Seat

- Excellent visibility of the surrounding area

- Foldable sun protection umbrella for hot weather

- Seat cover to prevent exposure from sun

Hydraulic Overload Safety Device

- Prevents the crane from overloading

- Overload protection system with emergency cut-off function

- Stops all movements of the crane that increases load

Hose Equipment for Attachments

- Additional hydraulic functions for attachments

- Simple installation with hose tray protection

- Diverse applications suitable for different industry


Truck crane 12 tons truck crane mobile crane small size crane


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