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Truck Crane Mobile Crane Small Truck With Crane Hydraulic Crane 12T

truck crane lifting capacity of 12000kg, small boom truck crane. hydraulic crane with five booms lifting height of 39 meters, 2 cylinders 2 ropes, excellent boom system and workmanship, famous hydraulic parts, make working efficient, strong working performance, frame main beam, stronger resistance torsion, it better for lifting stability.


Truck crane 12T





Truck Crane mobile crane, small truck crane, 12ton boom truck, excellent maneuverability, strong lifting performance, boom length 36m, lifting height 38m, chassis an option Dongfeng, FOTON, SHACMAN, HOWO 4X2,4X4,6X6 drive type, rough terrain crane, lift truck

Product Description

The main features of the truck crane

Telescopic boom system

- The crane boom material is made of the high-strength steel plate BS700, which is lighter, and stiffer. This material actively improves its function.

- Five boom sections have good lifting ability which the single cylinder works and the rope stretches at the same time

Lifting mechanism

The truck crane has a double-width lifting mechanism so that the truck crane can achieve independent operation, simultaneous working and continuously variable transmission.

Equipped with anti-winding wire rope.

Hydraulic System

- The hydraulic system uses the integrated network, and mature hydraulic configuration optimization scheme so that the total machine has completed function and superior performance.

- It also has some protective equipment, such as electronic scale, over-winding protection, and so on, making the operation more stable, safe, and reliable.

- Spacious operating cabin with adjustable seat, which is safe and comfortable.

The structure parts are smooth and bright after the shot blasting processing.

-The materials are delicate after cutting the steel plate with the laser cutting machine.

- Rich configurations suit for special needs.

Crane Parameters


















Crane model


Manufacture year


Rated lifting capacity



Max. Boom outreach


Max outreach lifting capacity

1000kg @22m

Slewing angle(continuous)

360° continuous

Boom raising angle


Maxlifting height

(the measurement from the

ground after the outriggers fully





Length of the basic boom


Main/auxiliary hook max lifting speed (single rope)

120 m/min

Full telescopic boom time


Maximum rotation speed

0-2 r/min

Full lifting/lowering time of boom


Main hoisting rope capacity


Auxiliary hoisting rope capacity



Numbers of the boom


5 section


Outrigger span (fully extended)


Recommend oil displacement

100 L/min




Option devices

Load limiter


Aerial working basket


Jib (5m)

Five-section boom, optional 2-cylinder 2-rope connection, 1-cylinder 3-rope connection,
The 2 oil cylinders are more flexible in telescoping, more suitable for heavy loads, and more efficient when working.
The chassis adopts 4x2 trucks, we have Dongfeng, Isuzu, Shaanxi Automobile, Howo, left-handed trucks, right-handed trucks,
For engine emission standards we can choose III, V, VI
Good mobility, rough earth crane, mobile crane 12 tons rough terrain crane

Lifting Chart

Focus on mini and medium-sized truck cranes, mobile cranes, and rough terrain cranes with over 20 years of experience, committed to customer satisfaction with product quality, and effective service, to provide lifting solutions for your crane rental business, and customize services for your special needs.

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 Crane model  HFL5188JQZ
Max. lifting moment [Kn.m] 420
Max. lifting capacity [kg] 12000
Max. lifting height [m] 39
Max. hydraulic outreach lifting capacity [kg] 800
Max. number of extension boom 5
Slewing angle [°] 360
Slewing speed [R/min] 0-2
Max, speed of winch single rope[M/min] 110
Outrigger span transverse [mm] 6300
Outrigger span longitudinal [mm] 5500
Wheel base [mm] 4700
crane dimension [mm] 11380*2500*3480
Total mass [kg] 18000
Tire type 1000.20
enginer power [hp] 240

Picture show

Part 2


truck crane boom truck crane mobile crane truck with crane rough terrain crane rough earth crane


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