Description and characteristics of the jib crane

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Cantilever crane crane thing strength is light, the crane is composed of column, swing arm swing drive and electric hoist plan manufacturing, the column below firmly in the concrete fundamental, to use the cycloid reduction device to drive the cantilever back to the suspension, electric hoist in the cantilever I-beam for sad to run in a straight line, and lifting the weight of the items. Crane swing arm for hollow steel layout, light self-weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economic and durable.

Special engineering plastic walking wheels with rolling bearings, low friction, light walking; the layout is a bit small, especially conducive to improving the hook stroke. Jib crane is a new generation of light lifting configuration made for practical contemporary production, together with the high reliability of the electric chain hoist is especially practical for short distance, the use of frequent, intensive lifting operations, with high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, simple, small footprint, easy to operate and maintain, etc..

Mobile jib crane is more mobile, wide range of compliance, is a high-efficiency automatic production line on the necessary separate emergency lifting configuration, with it to ensure that the production line flow unimpeded.