The consequences of non-standard use of cranes

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Crane accidents or hidden dangers, exist in the design, manufacture, installation and use (including repair) and other dangerous factors, the prevention of accidents to a large extent lies in the control of the above factors, especially to strengthen: the manufacture, installation and use of control, requiring the use of units to choose a manufacturing qualified manufacturer of products, allowing qualified units to install cranes and trained drivers, heavy lifters on the job Operation is nothing more than trying to control the occurrence and aggravation of dangerous factors at the source. However, to prevent the emergence of the above-mentioned dangerous factors, the main thing is to effectively implement the relevant standards and norms, the establishment and strict enforcement of rules and regulations, the implementation of regular inspections, manufacturing, installation and use of units of great importance, coupled with the manufacturing, installation and use of units of staff with a high sense of responsibility and safety awareness, where you can do so to avoid or reduce dangerous accidents.

Management of the use of cranes in use is the focus of the use of units responsible for the content, including the correct provision of concealed works and acceptance, the crane driver, heavy lifting and other operators management and the implementation of protective measures and supervision of potential hazards in the environment around the crane.

(1) the correct provision of concealed works and acceptance.

Construction crane foundation is generally fixed reinforced concrete structure, foundation map by the crane manufacturer after the overall anti-tip stability, ground pressure calibration to provide, the map specifies the number of reinforcement, type specifications and buried in the foundation tower or the minimum requirements of the depth of the foot bolt. The use of units should be based on the geological situation, based on the drawings provided by the manufacturer requirements of strict control to protect the quality of the foundation pouring, to prevent the crane after the use of the foundation settlement, so that the crane reaches the critical state of tipping, stability damage, resulting in the whole machine tipping accident.

(2) crane drivers, heavy lifters (command division cable) management.

Statistics show that most of the crane accidents are caused by the use of violations of operating procedures, and among the many violations, drivers and heavy lifting (commanding division) often have an inescapable responsibility. A competent driver, in the use of cranes not only to achieve "stable, accurate, fast, safe, reasonable" and other operating technical requirements, but also has the responsibility for the daily inspection and maintenance of the crane, in all understanding of the crane's operational performance at the same time, check the crane's metal structure, the main components of the damage and check the electrical protection and The failure of the safety device or not.

①Forced binding of the moment limiting bow plate, short connection of the moment limiting electrical switch, artificially causing the moment limiting failure.

② To increase the lifting height of the crane spreader, artificially adjust the safety distance setting or short electrical.

③ daily inspection is a sham: wire rope wire breakage intensified, wire rope waviness deformation, etc. ignored, torque limiter, height limiter, swing limit and other travel limiters also did not make daily checks.

④ The strictly prohibited "ten not hanging", did not implement.

(3) The implementation of protective measures and supervision of potential hazards in the crane environment

Crane for high-rise or small high-rise building construction, by its construction of the geographical environment (busy urban center or building space: cap interlocking), is bound to involve some safety protection and crane operation guardianship. For example: the crane's operating radius (slewing) over buildings, streets and high-voltage lines when the safety scaffolding protection; balance boom set concrete anti-debris off the protection network; in the same horizontal working surface when the adjacent crane operation supervision.