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truck mounted crane self loader crane lorry crane 

XINFEIG Brand straight boom crane FSC200

  • Rated lifting capacity is 8000kg, six-section jib, hexagonal section, jib length 19.78 meters, lifting height 21 meters.
  • The leading boom system adopts the structure of 2 oil cylinders and 3 ropes to improve work efficiency.

  • Boom material is made of BS700 high-strength plate, which reduces the weight of the boom while ensuring the strength.

  • Heigh dencity paint we use materlic paint, prevent corresion and long last siling.

The product quality is strictly controlled by experienced technology, advanced CNC processing equipment, and components are individually painted to ensure the stability and performance of the components.

Let's take a look at the hoisting performance together. The lifting capacity is 8000Kg and the working radius is 2.5 meters. The fully extended boom can lift 500Kg and the telescopic boom can be extended in a horizontal state.

chassis configuration

ISUZU TRUCK CRANE drive type 4X2 engine power 160 to 220hp  lorry crane 

HOWO TRUCK CRANE drive type 4X2 engine power 140 to 240hp  self loader crane

FAW TRUCK CRANE drive type 4x2 engine power 160 to 220hp boom truck crane

enginer standard III.IV,V,VI Cargo box we have flatbed, towing founction and hydraulic ladder, multiple you needs.

There are a variety of configuration options: the boom can be selected with 4 sections/5 sections/6 sections, the boom length is 14.5 meters/18.6 meters/19.78 meters, the outriggers can be composite outriggers, and the outrigger span is 7.2 meters the outrigger can customize long jack .

Optional upper operation room, air conditioner, auxiliary winch, remote control operation, torque limiter, etc.

We focus on R&D and production of truck-mounted cranes, with more than 20 years of experience, the products are practical, stable, and cost-effective, and have been recognized by customers.

recommend chassis drive type  4x2. 6x4


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