truck mounted crane 20ton

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XINFEIG straight boom crane lifting capacity 20ton

 20-ton straight boom crane mounted on ISUZU chassis 8X4 drive type, is a powerful and versatile solution designed to meet the heavy lifting and transportation needs of various industries. Combining the renowned reliability of ISUZU chassis with a robust 20-ton straight boom crane, this product offers exceptional performance, efficiency, and durability in demanding working environments.

Product Features:

  1. ISUZU Chassis: 8X4 drive type, engine power 460hp, FAST 12 gear transmission, tire type front 385, rear 315 with one spare tire, payload 44ton,  The product is built on an ISUZU chassis, known for its exceptional quality, durability, and performance. ISUZU has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing reliable commercial vehicles, making this chassis an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications.

  2. 20-Ton Straight Boom Crane: with hydraulic rasecabin, auxiliary winch, maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons. The straight boom design provides excellent lifting capabilities and enhanced reach, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting and loading tasks.

  3. Hydraulic System: The crane features a high-performance hydraulic system, allowing smooth and precise operation. The hydraulic controls offer responsive maneuverability, ensuring efficient and accurate placement of loads.

  4. Stabilization Mechanism: To ensure stability during lifting operations, the chassis is equipped with outriggers or stabilizers. These extendable supports provide a secure and balanced platform, minimizing the risk of tipping or accidents while lifting heavy loads.

  5. hydraulic ladder with folding founction, it is convinece for excavtor climbing and more safety. cargo box can optional flatbed, towing function.

The ISUZU chassis with a 20-ton straight boom crane is a versatile and high-performance solution for heavy lifting tasks. It combines the reliable ISUZU chassis with a powerful crane, providing exceptional working performance, precision, and durability in various industries and applications.