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Crane capacity: 2.4tx 1.5m Max working radius: 5.85m Max lfting height: 6.3m


Crawler crane





Product Description

- Equipped with load holding valves for safe crane operations

- High speed boom extension and retraction with return oil utilization

- Optimized lifting performance with the use of high tensile steel and hexagonal boom design

- Lightweight yet robust construction according to European Standards (EN 12999)

- Professional installation solutions and technical supports

- Standard package includes

- Oil tank mounted

- Load holding valves

- Painting

- High pressure filter

- Digital hour counter

- Load hook

- Crane preservation

- Mounting bolts

- Spare parts catalogue

- Crating

Lifting Chart

Crane Dimension

Basic Data SPK 6500
Max. lifting moment [mt] 5.8
Max. lifting capacity [kg] 3300
Max. hydraulic outreach [m] 9.6
Max. hydraulic outreach lifting capacity [kg] 530
Max. number of extension boom 3 (B)
Slewing angle [°] 400
Slewing moment [mt] 0.9
Max. stabilizer spread [mm] 4950
Std. stabilizer spread [mm] 3000
Fitting space required [mm] 598
Width folded [mm] 2309
Max. operating pressure [bar] 315
Recommended pump capacity [l/min] 20 - 30
Dead weight standard crane [kg] 708
  • 3.5T

    Ergonomic Crane Control

    - Eronomically arranged operatinglevers for all crane functions

    - Functional design for bettercomfort during crane operation

    - Straightforward service andmaintenance

  • 3.5T

    High Density Paint

    - Top quality surface paint with corrosion protection

    - Long term UV-resistant coating

    - Aestheically pleasing and attractive colour

  • 3.5T

    Load Holding Valve

    - Holds the cylinder in position

    - Standard fittings on all cylinder

    - Strategic positioned to protect from damage

  • 3.5T

    High speed extension

    - Increase extension and retraction speed of the boom system

    - Crane works faster with return oil utilization

    - Time saving during crane operation

  • 3.5T

    Radio Remote Control

    - Efficient control of the crane remotely

    - Safe crane operation outside of the danger zone

    - Easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting

  • 3.5T

    Top Seat

    - Excellent visibility of the surrounding area

    - Foldable sun protection umbrella for hot weather

    - Seat cover to prevent exposure from sun

  • 3.5T

    Hydraulic Overload Safety Device

    - Prevents the crane from overloading

    - Overload protection system with emergency cut-off function

    - Stops all movements of the crane that increases load

  • 3.5T

    Hose Equipment for Attachments

    - Additional hydraulic functions for attachments

    - Simple installation with hose tray protection

    - Diverse applications suitable for different industry





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