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Truck-mounted crane Hydraulic Crane Truck Self Load Crane 8Ton

truck mounted crane straight boom crane, hydraulic crane 8ton, six-section boom, boom length 19.78 meters, lifting height 22meters, 3 cylinders, and 2 ropes, hexagonal boom ensure boom system working stable, and working efficiently. plunger pump provides powerful sources,


Straight Boom Crane 3T-8T





Truck Mounted Crane, lorry crane hydraulic crane 8ton, crane with manipulators, factory supply, focus on quality similar to Kanglim, XCMG, Sany small hydraulic crane. we provide straight boom cranes, knuckle boom cranes, and crane brands FASSI, HIAB, PLAFINGER, and so on.

Truck Mounted Crane lorry crane, straight boom crane, crane with truck, rated lifting capacity 8000kg, boom length 19.78m lifting height 22m, 3 cylinders 2 rope connection, excellent work performance, plunger pump to provide strong lifting capacity.

Product Description

Crane Model: FSC200

- The double-pump confluence compound action is smooth;

- The large torque hydraulic motor the lifting speed is fast, and the lifting capacity is strong;

- The matching hydraulic parts are high-end brands to ensure stable operation and durability;

- Advanced processing and production equipment to ensure product quality;

- National Hydraulic Crane Research Center. hydraulic crane high-tech research and development;

- Excellent workmanship, good product appearance, and stable working performance;

- Rich option configuration and technical support;

Crane parameters


















Crane model


Manufacture year


Rated lifting capacity



Max. Boom outreach


Max outreach lifting capacity

1000kg @19.8m

Slewing angle(continuous)

360° continuous

Boom raising angle


Maxlifting height

(the measurement from the

ground after the outriggers fully





Length of the basic boom

4.85 m

Numbers of the boom


6 section


Outrigger span (fully extended)

6 m

Front and rear leg

Double chamber hydraulic control

Operating position

On the boarding

Recommend oil displacement

63-100 L/min

Chassis an option 4x2 4x4,6x4,6x6 drive type

Chassis Parameters










Engine brand


Engine model





Fast 8-speed gearbox, manual 8 forward, and 2 reserve

Wheelbase/No. of axle

5100mm /    2


255  ( 7+5+5)

Front axis


Rear axis / Speed ratio

11.5T/    4.875

Tire Specification

Front 10.00R20 18PRrear10.00R20 18PR

Tire Number

6 tires and 1 spare tire

Steel ring

All steel wheelmesh ( 6+ 1)

Axle load (kg)


Total mass(kg)




Fuel Tank

200L alloy

Max Speed

89 km/h


Metallic paint


Self-loader crane with 8ton lifting capacity, six-section boom, 3cylinders 2 ropes the second and third boom can extend and retract indepandtly. 4/5/6 section boom extends and retracts in sequence.

High efficient for lifting work, low consumption, mounted on 4X2 chassis, it is convenient to transport, more easier for your rental business.  

Famous hydraulic brands make every movement smooth precise, and easy to control.

An option upper hydraulic cabin brings a lot of benefits for the operator, prevents sunburns and blocks cold, safer operation environment.

Excellent workmanship ensures the crane structure is stable and runs a long service life. 

product model: HFL5181JSQ

Straight boom crane mounted on FAW J6L, engine emission standard national 6.

CA1180P62K1L2E6Z special chassis for engineering machinery, Left-hand drive, with DACHAI engine CA6DH1-24E6 Diesel engine, 6 cylinders, 5700ml displacement, engine power 179kw, 5000mm wheelbase, front tire 10.00R20 18PR and rear 10.00R20 18PR, The truck payload is 18Tons.

Single-row cab, electric glass lift, electric reviewer mirror with heating, airbag seat, air conditioner, electronic throttle, ABS braking system.

Equipped with the  XINFEIG FSC200, 6-section straight boom crane, the crane lifting capacity is 8Ton, max. boom outreach is 19.78m, max. crane working height is 21m.

Planet slewing reducer, large torque, ensure slewing smoothly and strong working ability, plunger pump provides the strong powerful resource.

hexagonal shape Boom section, 3 cylinders, 2 rope connections, reliable and efficient.

The cargo box size is 6100×2450×600mm, can option flatbed and hauling function, the H-type rear hydraulic outrigger are equipped.                    

We focus on hydraulic crane manufacture with over 20 years of experience, an advanced production line, following ISO9001, and ISO14001, and a management guideline, committed to customer satisfaction, quality products, effective service, and fast delivery. our products include 3ton to 20ton lorry cranes, loader cranes, straight boom cranes, stiffed boom cranes, 

Rated lifting capacity (kg) 8000
Max. outreach (m) 19.78
Base boom length (m) 4.85
Boom section  6
Slewing angle (º) 360
System displacment (L/min) 40/40
Hydraulic system plunger pump
Radius - Max load (m/kg) 2.5/8000
Max. lifting height (m) 21
Rated lifting moment (t.m) 20
Boom cross section  hexagon
Outrigger span (m) 2.4/5.95
Operating pressure (Mpa) 21

Ergonomic Crane Control

- Ergonomically arranged operatinglevers for all crane functions

- Functional design for bettercomfort during crane operation    

- Straightforward service and maintenance

High Density Paint

- Top quality surface paint with corrosion protection  

- Long term UV-resistant coating    

- Aestheically pleasing and attractive colour

Load Holding Valve

- Holds the cylinder in position

- Standard fittings on all cylinder

- Strategic positioned to protect from damage

High speed extension

- Increase extension and retraction speed of the boom system

- Crane works faster with return oil utilization    

- Time saving during crane operation

Radio Remote Control

- Efficient control of the crane remotely    

- Safe crane operation outside of the danger zone    

- Easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting

Upper operation cabin

- Excellent visibility of the surrounding area

- Prevent exposure from sun and block cold    

- More safety for operator

Planetary reducer

- Large rotary torque, strong working performance

- Stabilization of rotation

- Better for heavy duty-lifting works

Auxiliary winch

- Additional auxiliary winch for fast lifting work requirments    

- Auxiliary winch lifting capacity 1/2/3 tons can option    

- Diverse applications suitable for different working conditions


Truck-mounted crane 8 tons boomtruck truckcrane8ton boom truck crane rope crane lorry crane loader crane


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