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Truck - mounted crane SQS200

Crane Rated lifting capacity 8ton, boom section can option 4/5, 1 cylinder 3 ropes, and 2 cylinder 3 ropes, hexagnoal boom, outrigger span 1.73 - 2.2 meters,


Straight Boom Crane 3T-8T





Product Description

Crane Model: SQS200

- The double-pump confluence compound action is smooth,

- The large torque hydraulic motor the lifting speed is fast, and the lifting capacity is strong,

- The innovation boom system leads the industry to improve hoisting performance and work efficiency,

- First-line brand hydraulic components, longer service life, more efficient and convenient operation,

Lorry crane 8ton, self loader crane 8ton, by it exceptional quality and workmanship is widly use in construction work, and rental business, small vehicl body, easy to transportation, and lower fuel cost. it is popular type, in small loader crane.

- Optimized hydraulic system, smooth movement and precise control,

- The boom material is made of BS700 high-strength plate, which reduces the weight of the boom while ensuring the strength,

- By it excellent workmanship,famous hydraulic parts, operation smoothly and druable,

Optional configuration 

Rich configuration options, auxliliary winch,  upper operation cabin, aerial working basket, load moment. romote contronl.

Lifting chart



- Crane structure adopts laser cutting,

- CNC bending, and automatic welding processes.

-The product quality is strictly controlled by experienced technology,

- Advanced CNC processing equipment,

- Each components are independent painted to ensure the stability and performance of the components,

- High density paint,

- Top quality surface paint with corrosion protection 

hydraulic lifting cabin

- Excellent visibility of the surrounding area;

- More safety than without operation cabin,  protect personal safety personal injury caused by misoperation;

- Cabin to prevent exposure from sun and block the cold wind;




truck mounted crane truck mounted crane 8t boom truck boom truck crane lorry crane


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