lorry crane 15ton

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Lorry crane 15ton lifting capacity, Six-section jib, hexagonal cross-section, innovative jib system, adopts three-cylinder two-rope structure, which actively improves the lifting performance and working efficiency of the crane. It has a certain load and expansion capacity, and the lifting height can reach 23m.

Crane  features

  1. Boom material adopt high strength plate, BS700 ensure bearing capacity, and reduce material weight, which can increase boom lifting performance.
  2. Laser cutting machine ensure cutting plate precision meet the technical requirments.
  3. CNC bending, auto robot welding production process, ensure welding quality,
  4. CNC machining center for higher percision requirments for crane part.
  5. Paint line each crane part is individually painted
  6. Famous hydraulic parts, make every movment smoothly and durable, action control percision. 

crane lifting capacity base boom can lifting 15ton, when the second and third boom extended can lifting 8ton, lifting height 10m,working radius 4.5m, boom fully extended lifting capacity 1.5ton, working radius 21meters.

Modern design hydraulic lifting cabin  it brings a lot of benefits to operators

  1. excellent  visibility of the surrounding area.
  2. prevent exposure from sun and block cold.
  3. more safety for operator.

auxiliary winch

  1. additional auxiliary winch for fast lifting work.
  2. winch lifting capacity can option 1/2/3ton.
  3. diverse applications suitable for different working conditions.

Lorry crane drive type we can option 6X4, 8X4 Chassis brand we can option DONGFENG, ISUZU, FAW, HOWO, SHACMAN and so on, we can customize left hand drive and right hand drive.

Cargo box according to your requirement to customize, for heavy load cargo or flatbed with hydraulic ladder.

We are truck crane manufacturer provide wide range of lifting machinery, to help crane rental company handle your task easier and cost effective and fast transportation.

We have truck mounted crane 3ton to 20ton straight boom crane, knuckle boom crane 2ton to 25ton, aerial truck platform 12m to 28m.

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