used soosan crane


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Hydraulic Crane Truck mounted crane Boom Truck 12ton

Truck mounted crane hydraulic crane 12ton lifting capacity, truck with crane, straight boom crane boom section 4/5, U and hexagonal shape can choose from,4 section boom 1 cylinder 2ropes, 5 section boom 2 cylinder 2ropes, can option upper lifting cabin, auxiliary winch, load moment, remote control. self-loader crane

Boom Truck Small Truck-Mounted Crane For Sales

truck mounted crane rated lifting capacity 14000kg, six section boom hexagonal shape, auxiliary winch, equippt famous hydraulic parts, excellent working performance. upper lifting cabin, Cabin to prevent exposure from sun and block the cold wind.more convenient and safety for operator.

Truck With Crane Staight Boom Crane Hydraulic Crane Truck-mounted crane price

truck mounted crane rated lifting capacity 16000kg, five section boom U shape, lifting height 22 meters, 2 cylinder 2 ropes, auxiliary winch, upper operation cabin, double reducer, large torque, working more stablity.