rough terrain crane


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small hydraulic crane, lorry crane, 8ton craneTruck mounted crane

hydraulic crane 8ton, Lorry crane hydraulic crane, boom truck, crane with manipulator truck-mounted crane with a 5-section boom, U/hexagonal cross-section option, and an 8-ton lifting capacity. The U-shaped boom features two cylinders and two rope connections. Additionally, it comes with a free switch model that allows for easy extension and retraction of the boom. can option crane with a cabin, to provide a safe working environment for operators, prevent sunburn, and block severe cold.

Truck Crane Rough Terrain Crane Mobile Crane 25Ton

25-ton rough-terrain crane, the chassis is optional 6X6 or 6X4, and the boom length is optional 3/4/5-section arm. Driving without being overweight

Small Mobile Crane truck crane Hydraulic Crane Truck Crane 12ton Mini Crane for Sale

truck crane max lifting capacity 12000kg, five section boom u shape, famous hydraulic parts, movement percision and durable, excellent workmanship and working performance. forword chassis engine power 160hp, FAST 8 gear transmission box, 900R20 tire, strong powerful, it is easy to transportation.