truck mounted crane


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Boom Truck Crane Hydraulic Crane Factory Lorry Crane 8Ton Crane Manipulator

Crane Manipulator Factory Supply. Height quality crane, truck mounted crane 8ton lifting capacity, boom length 18.6m, lifting height 21m, good mobility stable working performance, easy to control and maintain.

small hydraulic crane, lorry crane, 8ton craneTruck mounted crane

hydraulic crane 8ton, Lorry crane hydraulic crane, boom truck, crane with manipulator truck-mounted crane with a 5-section boom, U/hexagonal cross-section option, and an 8-ton lifting capacity. The U-shaped boom features two cylinders and two rope connections. Additionally, it comes with a free switch model that allows for easy extension and retraction of the boom. can option crane with a cabin, to provide a safe working environment for operators, prevent sunburn, and block severe cold.

Truck-mounted crane Hydraulic Crane Truck Self Load Crane 8Ton

truck mounted crane straight boom crane, hydraulic crane 8ton, six-section boom, boom length 19.78 meters, lifting height 22meters, 3 cylinders, and 2 ropes, hexagonal boom ensure boom system working stable, and working efficiently. plunger pump provides powerful sources,