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Truck With Crane 20ton Boom Truck Crane Truck Mounted Crane With Ladder

truck mounted crane, boom truck crane, HOWO truck crane, 8x4 wheel formula, self Loader crane 20ton Truck mounted crane rated lifting capacity 20-ton straight boom six sections lifting height 25 meters, mounted on HOWO chassis, hydraulic ladder, flatbed cargo box, boom truck crane


Straight Boom Crane

Straight Boom Crane 15T-20T





Truck With crane boom truck crane, straight boom crane, with HOWO chassis 20ton to 25ton lifting capacity, flatbed with ladder long jack outrigger easy for excavator climbing,

HOWO truck mounted crane, lorry crane, hydraulic crane 20ton straight boom truck crane, with ladder flatbed cargo box, heavy load truck crane

Product Description

Crane brand: XINFEIG

Model          :FSC501

six-section boom, with U shape 3 cylinders and 3 ropes, a boom length of 23 meters, a lifting height of 25 meters, double winches, auxiliary winches rated lifting capacity option 1ton to 3ton, double rotatory have large torque slewing motor and equipt planetary reducer is powerful and stable operation.

outrigger spans 7200mm, improving safety and stability while increasing working range.

upper operation cabin hydraulic automotive brings great convenience, safety, and comfort to use, it also can adopt an air-conditioner, and block the cold wind and heat.

the famous hydraulic part moves smoothly and is durable 

excellent working performance precision movement, efficiency, and economic save use cost.

20TON straight boom crane mounted on ISUZU 8x4 chassis

Crane Parameters

Crane model
Manufacture year
Rated lifting capacity

Max. Boom outreach
Max outreach lifting capacity
1200kg @23m
Slewing angle(continuous)
360° continuous
Boom raising angle
Max. lifting height
(the measurement from the
ground after the outriggers fully

Length of the basic boom
6 m
Numbers of the boom

6 section
Outrigger span (fully extended)
7. 8m
Front and rear leg
Double chamber hydraulic control
Operating position
Hydraulic  lifting cabin
Recommend oil displacement
126 L/min
Jib length 
Total length
Jib lifting capacity
jib with adjusted angle
0,15,30 degree

20TON loader crane for heavy load requirements, six-section boom, 3 cylinders 2 rope, U shape boom cross-section,  exceptional lifting performance, when heavy lifting needed, leading performance in the same class. famous hydraulic brands, and good workmanship, ensures movement is smooth and durable.

Lifting Chart

Crane Dimension

We are a hydraulic crane manufacturer focused on lifting machinery solutions, we can provide a wide range of truck crane loader cranes, and we can according to your technical drawing requirements provide customized service.

Welcome to leave a message, we'd like to discuss more with your requirements.


Rated lifting capacity (kg) 20000
Max. outreach (m) 22.6
Base boom length (m) 6
Boom section  6
Slewing angle (º) 360
System displacement (L/min) 126
Hydraulic system plunger pump
Radius - Max load (m/kg) 2.5/20000
Max. lifting height (m) 25
Rated lifting moment (t.m) 50
Boom cross-section  U shape
Outrigger span (m) 2.4/7.8
Operating pressure (Mpa) 28
Jib Length (m) 4
Jib lifting capacity (kg) 600
Jib angle  0,15,30


Howo truck mounted crane, 20ton straight boom truck crane

Ergonomic Crane Control

- Ergonomically arranged operatinglevers for all crane functions

- Functional design for bettercomfort during crane operation    

- Straightforward service and maintenance

High Density Paint

- Top quality surface paint with corrosion protection  

- Long term UV-resistant coating    

- Aestheically pleasing and attractive colour

Load Holding Valve

- Holds the cylinder in position

- Standard fittings on all cylinder

- Strategic positioned to protect from damage

High speed extension

- Increase extension and retraction speed of the boom system

- Crane works faster with return oil utilization    

- Time saving during crane operation

Radio Remote Control

- Efficient control of the crane remotely    

- Safe crane operation outside of the danger zone    

- Easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting

Upper operation cabin

- Excellent visibility of the surrounding area

- Prevent exposure from sun and block cold    

- More safety for operator

Planetary reducer

- Large rotary torque, strong working performance

- Stabilization of rotation

- Better for heavy duty-lifting works

Auxiliary winch

- Additional auxiliary winch for fast lifting work requirments    

- Auxiliary winch lifting capacity 1/2/3 tons can option    

- Diverse applications suitable for different working conditions


boomtruck truckmountedcrane ropecrane lorrycrane ISUZU crane boomtruckcrane loader crane self loader crane


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